Scene of the battle revisited
Any new clues?

Sherry, Redd, Jord, and Tecare go with two Ash Guard men the next day back to the site of the fight with the Black Goo Childling. The two men wrap up the body of their fellow, and Redd and Sherry recount the battle and describe the creatures to Tecare and Jord.

The party goes back to the settlement where the Laren people have been slaughtered, and they are startled to find the bodies lined up in a row. Hearing a crackling in the bushes, the party goes on guard, but it is Tica, arranging the bodies of his family for funeral rites.

Sherry returns Tica’s lost amulet to him. He is so grateful that he gives her an enchanted wooden pendant. Tecare and Redd help Tica with the bodies of his aunt and uncle. The Ash Guard men leave with the body of their friend.

Tica takes the party to the site of some kind of strange ritual. They find red powder, a circular pattern, burned marks on the ground, and the bones of what look like a child. Sherry recognizes it as a magical or religious ritual, but cannot tell more than that.

Tecare questions Tica and finds that the Sirasean soldiers were “with” the black creatures, but is unable to get more information from him. The party helps Tica find firewood and clear the area around the pyre. Tica is so grateful that he gives each of them a token of Laren friendship. The party heads back to Tabia.

Tecare asks on the way back if they will go with him to the Two Palms to talk to General Kostas

Cirin makes friends...?
Two new friends in one day!

Cirin Rone runs a plant shop and greenhouse in Twin Rivers, in Drael.

Shortly after opening his shop, a young girl with pale blond hair came in. She introduced herself as Megis and said she needed orange flowers for “Tarty.” Cirin showed her into his greenhouse and helped her find the perfect orange lilies. She asked if they could be friends, and Cirin gave her his amulet of the goddess Liyaantha as a symbol of their friendship.

Later, an Undine boy, Calder, came into the shop. It was his first day out of the water, and he was looking to explore the land and start making potions. Cirin helped show him around Twin Rivers and buy supplies for a new life on land. Calder agreed to apprentice to Cirin until he has learned all that Cirin can teach him. Cirin bought a new charm in the marketplace.

A gruesome monster attacks!
Brynne and Zander almost become its next meal!

Only a scant few hours after a harrowing encounter with a small swarm of Spaded Lindwyrms, Brynne, Samson, Zander, and Heathcliff are back on the road to Amirka.

Brynne stops to check her horse’s feet and thinks she sees something moving at the base of a cliff. After a short argument with Samson, she rides off at an angle to the trail to check it out. Heathcliff and Zander go with her.

Not finding anything, Brynne is about to go back when she sees a Desert Lotus growing near a boulder. She dismounts to go get it, and is attacked by a Stone Bullwebber. It seems impervious to her attacks, wrapping her up and dropping her into its den. It grabs up Zander as well.

Heathcliff and Samson arrive a short while later, and manage to distract the beast. It drops Zander, half-wrapped, into the den while Heathcliff and Samson terrorize it.

Zander frees himself and Brynne, but the sides of the den are too steep to climb out, and Zander’s arm has been injured. Heathcliff draws the monster away, and his leg gets injured badly in the process. He uses his enchantment on his sword and throws it at the monster in a last ditch effort, wounding it badly.

The monster retreats back to its den, but Heathcliff’s sword has fallen into the pit. Zander picks it up and attacks the creature from below. It staggers off to nurse its wounds. Brynne and Zander climb out of the pit, and everyone manages to get mounted and back to the road.

But they still don’t have any food, and the three hired men with the remaining horses are nowhere in sight after the battle….

A sermon with distinguished guests
A new party member arrives

Sherry visited the Church of The Two As One in Tabia and met a priest who told her of Bishop Ystel. She decided to come back later to hear his sermon.

Redd visited the blacksmith and bought some daggers, and then headed to the Church to hear the sermon as well.

General Kostas and his daughter Ashlin Kostas, along with the Ash Guard captain Captain Jostuel, attend the sermon as honored guests. Afterward, Redd and Sherry wait to speak to the Bishop and Lady Ashlin.

While they are waiting, there is a commotion. Jord is confronting the apothecary, who has denied him some medicine someone he cares for needs. Redd steps in and the problem is solved; the apothecary goes to fetch the medicine.

Having gained the bishop’s attention. Redd describes the monster that attacked the party in the jungle and the dead Ash Guard they saw. Captain Jostuel overhears and asks to send men to recover the body and look into the matter. Bishop Ystel agrees. Jostuel arranges to send men to meet Redd at the Desert Darling at noon the next day. Jord has heard the story as well.

Sherry, meanwhile, speaks with Lady Ashlin about her discoveries of Old Tira. No one knows what happened to the Old Tiran civilization. When Lady Ashlin shows her an artifact she carries around, Sherry becomes emotional, fleeing the scene.

Redd and Jord leave, with plans to go back to the jungle the next day with the Ash Guard soldiers.

Brynne and Heathcliff meet Zander
Lindwyrms create problems

Reaching Pirdur without incident, Brynne, Samson, and Heathcliff make their way to the Raven’s Grin, an inn that Heathcliff has recommended.

The Raven’s Grin is well appointed. The proprietor, Redd, greets Heathcliff warmly, telling the travelers of how Heathcliff saved the inn last year. Heathcliff mentions to Brynne that he worked at several farms, but they have burned down. Samson confronts Heathcliff, disbelieving his fantastical stories of his accomplishments. Heathcliff storms off. Redd gives credence to Heathcliff’s tales, telling Samson and Brynne of some research he conducted into Heathcliff’s past.

Leaving Pirdur, the party encounters Zander Cortina, a wandering traveler. Entranced by the beautiful horses, he turns around and joins the party on the way to Amirka.

That night, the party is attacked by a small group of Spaded Lindwyrms. They manage to drive away the beasts, but have lost most of their food stores. They continue on toward Amirka, hoping to encounter a merchant who can sell them supplies….

Sherry Digitalis' Day Off.
Sherry learns new things, including how to spend lots of money.

Not long after returning from the battle she and her friends fought against some nasty beasts, Sherry took some time out to explore Tabia.

Her first stop was a shop stall run by and aging Sirasean man who sells many bits and bobbles. She asked him about an important looking trinket she found in the jungle, but he knew little about it.

After thanking the old man she followed some people who appeared to be followers of a religioun she did not recognize. Being correct, she finds herself entering the temple of the One Goddess. Inside an intimidating woman with a hawk on her shoulder greets Sherry and tells her that her name is Withia and procedes to tell her of the One Goddess’ principles. Magic is a sin in the teachings of the One Goddess, and should be abandoned of her followers were to be granted a place beside her in the sky. Sherry was not pleased with her teachings.

Bidding Withia goodbye, Sherry makes a b-line back to the Desert Darling to warn her friends about the One Goddess. To her surprise, a new person is seated with Redd as she heads through the Darling’s doors. The mystery person is a man named Tecare and he is a member of Lord Kostas’ private gaurd. Realizing that this man may have some knowledge the party needs, she carves for him a symbol she saw on a dead soldier’s armor in the jungle. Tecare recognizes the symbol as the mark of the Ash Gaurd, which protect Lord Kostas’s daughter, Lady Ashlin. Sherry and Redd explain to him how they found this soldier’s body, Tecare grows uncomfortable and leaves them.

The next day for Sherry arrives with a warm morning sun. In much need of coin, she takes a large slab of dried meat she also procured from the jungle to the local butcher. Disgusted by her more-than-shabby clothes, the butcher doesn’t make her an offer and encourages her to leave with his tone of voice. To spite him and ditch the meat, she hangs it up outside of his shop as she makes her way back to the old man selling trinkets.

Sherry greeted the man and asked him to appraise her high-quality condition Tiran coins.

The party battles strange monsters in the jungle
Mach, Sherry, Redd, and Ocy fight a hideous oily aberration

Two hideous monsters appear from the underbrush, which resemble pale children with mutated features, covered in black goo. One of them clutches the severed forearm of a human soldier.

Tica flees and the others go on the defensive. The creatures are incredibly fast, dodging or reflecting all attacks. Mach urges the others to retreat, but as they start to do so, the two childlings merge together to become a large black goo wolf with four red eyes. Mach and Sherry defend its attacks, causing some goo to land on Mach. Redd suggests using fire or magic, and Ocy commands her fire lizard Locria to breathe fire on it. This proving to be effective, Sherry tells the others to quickly gather kindling for a larger fire. Redd defends them as they do so, gets covered in goo, and gets a few cuts. Mach gets injured and passes out. Ocy has Locria ignite the kindling, and Ocy and Sherry throw pieces of it at the wolf. The party manages to reduce the size of it, causing it to flee.

Redd tends to Mach’s wound and then advances through the jungle with the others. They discover the body of a soldier with a swirled symbol etched into his armor, as well as the remains of a Laren village slaughter. Sherry takes one of the many Bonded keepsakes found in the huts, and Ocy nervously expresses her wish to leave, as she had left her cousin back at the Desert Darling.

Redd carries Mach as the party travels back to the Desert Darling. Mach is put under the care of Content Not Found: natt-uneta and his friends as he recovers, and Ocy runs off to find her cousin.

Secrets of New Juna begins!
Adventurers meet, a monster is found!

In the Desert Darling in Tabia, near the border of the Laren Jungle, it is mid-afternoon. Sherry sits quietly in a corner, minding her own business. Redd waits at a table for someone, having heard a tip-off about a profitable venture setting out from Tabia. A border guard named Sergeant Mach appears with a distressed Laren man named Tica.

When the Content Not Found: natt-uneta tries to turn him away, Redd intervenes. Interested, Sherry joins them at the table. Tica’s family has been killed. Ocy, a musician playing in the tavern, also joins the table during a break. Her fire lizard has escaped from home and also appears at the inn, causing a scene, to Ocy’s dismay.

Distraught, Tica calls out a name and runs from the tavern, pursued by Mach, Redd, and Sherry. Ocy’s fire lizard flies after him, forcing Ocy to chase the party.

Following the man into the jungle, the party stops behind him at a clearing. His tree rabbit, Oque, flies out of the woods and safely into his arms. But something is behind her.

Frozen in shock, the party watches as terrifying, man-eating creatures emerge from the jungle’s shadows…….

Brynne and Heathcliff meet in an inn
A near-brawl brings Brynne and Heathcliff face to face.

Brynne Alain, her father’s man Samson, and three hired hands are on a trip from Yewll in Drael to Amirka in Sirasea to deliver horse breeding stock to a client.

When a drunkard gropes her, Brynne gets into a confrontation in an inn in a border town. A young, mysterious Sirasean man named Heathcliff steps to her aid. Sharing a drink with Brynne and Samson afterward, Heathcliff pledges himself to Brynne’s service as a bodyguard for the journey, with her fine Draelian mare Sticks offered as payment upon safe return to her home in Yewll. At one point in the conversation, Heathcliff stands and demonstrates his powerful “Lightshard” enchantment, which can be cast upon a sword, enabling it to cut effortlessly through any material.

Just before retiring for the night, an incident occurs in which Heathcliff goes into some sort of paralysis. Just before passing out, he has Samson give him two drops of liquid from an unmarked vial….

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