A gruesome monster attacks!

Brynne and Zander almost become its next meal!

Only a scant few hours after a harrowing encounter with a small swarm of Spaded Lindwyrms, Brynne, Samson, Zander, and Heathcliff are back on the road to Amirka.

Brynne stops to check her horse’s feet and thinks she sees something moving at the base of a cliff. After a short argument with Samson, she rides off at an angle to the trail to check it out. Heathcliff and Zander go with her.

Not finding anything, Brynne is about to go back when she sees a Desert Lotus growing near a boulder. She dismounts to go get it, and is attacked by a Stone Bullwebber. It seems impervious to her attacks, wrapping her up and dropping her into its den. It grabs up Zander as well.

Heathcliff and Samson arrive a short while later, and manage to distract the beast. It drops Zander, half-wrapped, into the den while Heathcliff and Samson terrorize it.

Zander frees himself and Brynne, but the sides of the den are too steep to climb out, and Zander’s arm has been injured. Heathcliff draws the monster away, and his leg gets injured badly in the process. He uses his enchantment on his sword and throws it at the monster in a last ditch effort, wounding it badly.

The monster retreats back to its den, but Heathcliff’s sword has fallen into the pit. Zander picks it up and attacks the creature from below. It staggers off to nurse its wounds. Brynne and Zander climb out of the pit, and everyone manages to get mounted and back to the road.

But they still don’t have any food, and the three hired men with the remaining horses are nowhere in sight after the battle….



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