A sermon with distinguished guests

A new party member arrives

Sherry visited the Church of The Two As One in Tabia and met a priest who told her of Bishop Ystel. She decided to come back later to hear his sermon.

Redd visited the blacksmith and bought some daggers, and then headed to the Church to hear the sermon as well.

General Kostas and his daughter Ashlin Kostas, along with the Ash Guard captain Captain Jostuel, attend the sermon as honored guests. Afterward, Redd and Sherry wait to speak to the Bishop and Lady Ashlin.

While they are waiting, there is a commotion. Jord is confronting the apothecary, who has denied him some medicine someone he cares for needs. Redd steps in and the problem is solved; the apothecary goes to fetch the medicine.

Having gained the bishop’s attention. Redd describes the monster that attacked the party in the jungle and the dead Ash Guard they saw. Captain Jostuel overhears and asks to send men to recover the body and look into the matter. Bishop Ystel agrees. Jostuel arranges to send men to meet Redd at the Desert Darling at noon the next day. Jord has heard the story as well.

Sherry, meanwhile, speaks with Lady Ashlin about her discoveries of Old Tira. No one knows what happened to the Old Tiran civilization. When Lady Ashlin shows her an artifact she carries around, Sherry becomes emotional, fleeing the scene.

Redd and Jord leave, with plans to go back to the jungle the next day with the Ash Guard soldiers.



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