Brynne and Heathcliff meet Zander

Lindwyrms create problems

Reaching Pirdur without incident, Brynne, Samson, and Heathcliff make their way to the Raven’s Grin, an inn that Heathcliff has recommended.

The Raven’s Grin is well appointed. The proprietor, Redd, greets Heathcliff warmly, telling the travelers of how Heathcliff saved the inn last year. Heathcliff mentions to Brynne that he worked at several farms, but they have burned down. Samson confronts Heathcliff, disbelieving his fantastical stories of his accomplishments. Heathcliff storms off. Redd gives credence to Heathcliff’s tales, telling Samson and Brynne of some research he conducted into Heathcliff’s past.

Leaving Pirdur, the party encounters Zander Cortina, a wandering traveler. Entranced by the beautiful horses, he turns around and joins the party on the way to Amirka.

That night, the party is attacked by a small group of Spaded Lindwyrms. They manage to drive away the beasts, but have lost most of their food stores. They continue on toward Amirka, hoping to encounter a merchant who can sell them supplies….



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