Cirin makes friends...?

Two new friends in one day!

Cirin Rone runs a plant shop and greenhouse in Twin Rivers, in Drael.

Shortly after opening his shop, a young girl with pale blond hair came in. She introduced herself as Megis and said she needed orange flowers for “Tarty.” Cirin showed her into his greenhouse and helped her find the perfect orange lilies. She asked if they could be friends, and Cirin gave her his amulet of the goddess Liyaantha as a symbol of their friendship.

Later, an Undine boy, Calder, came into the shop. It was his first day out of the water, and he was looking to explore the land and start making potions. Cirin helped show him around Twin Rivers and buy supplies for a new life on land. Calder agreed to apprentice to Cirin until he has learned all that Cirin can teach him. Cirin bought a new charm in the marketplace.



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