Scene of the battle revisited

Any new clues?

Sherry, Redd, Jord, and Tecare go with two Ash Guard men the next day back to the site of the fight with the Black Goo Childling. The two men wrap up the body of their fellow, and Redd and Sherry recount the battle and describe the creatures to Tecare and Jord.

The party goes back to the settlement where the Laren people have been slaughtered, and they are startled to find the bodies lined up in a row. Hearing a crackling in the bushes, the party goes on guard, but it is Tica, arranging the bodies of his family for funeral rites.

Sherry returns Tica’s lost amulet to him. He is so grateful that he gives her an enchanted wooden pendant. Tecare and Redd help Tica with the bodies of his aunt and uncle. The Ash Guard men leave with the body of their friend.

Tica takes the party to the site of some kind of strange ritual. They find red powder, a circular pattern, burned marks on the ground, and the bones of what look like a child. Sherry recognizes it as a magical or religious ritual, but cannot tell more than that.

Tecare questions Tica and finds that the Sirasean soldiers were “with” the black creatures, but is unable to get more information from him. The party helps Tica find firewood and clear the area around the pyre. Tica is so grateful that he gives each of them a token of Laren friendship. The party heads back to Tabia.

Tecare asks on the way back if they will go with him to the Two Palms to talk to General Kostas



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