Secrets of New Juna begins!

Adventurers meet, a monster is found!

In the Desert Darling in Tabia, near the border of the Laren Jungle, it is mid-afternoon. Sherry sits quietly in a corner, minding her own business. Redd waits at a table for someone, having heard a tip-off about a profitable venture setting out from Tabia. A border guard named Sergeant Mach appears with a distressed Laren man named Tica.

When the Content Not Found: natt-uneta tries to turn him away, Redd intervenes. Interested, Sherry joins them at the table. Tica’s family has been killed. Ocy, a musician playing in the tavern, also joins the table during a break. Her fire lizard has escaped from home and also appears at the inn, causing a scene, to Ocy’s dismay.

Distraught, Tica calls out a name and runs from the tavern, pursued by Mach, Redd, and Sherry. Ocy’s fire lizard flies after him, forcing Ocy to chase the party.

Following the man into the jungle, the party stops behind him at a clearing. His tree rabbit, Oque, flies out of the woods and safely into his arms. But something is behind her.

Frozen in shock, the party watches as terrifying, man-eating creatures emerge from the jungle’s shadows…….



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