Sherry Digitalis' Day Off.

Sherry learns new things, including how to spend lots of money.

Not long after returning from the battle she and her friends fought against some nasty beasts, Sherry took some time out to explore Tabia.

Her first stop was a shop stall run by and aging Sirasean man who sells many bits and bobbles. She asked him about an important looking trinket she found in the jungle, but he knew little about it.

After thanking the old man she followed some people who appeared to be followers of a religioun she did not recognize. Being correct, she finds herself entering the temple of the One Goddess. Inside an intimidating woman with a hawk on her shoulder greets Sherry and tells her that her name is Withia and procedes to tell her of the One Goddess’ principles. Magic is a sin in the teachings of the One Goddess, and should be abandoned of her followers were to be granted a place beside her in the sky. Sherry was not pleased with her teachings.

Bidding Withia goodbye, Sherry makes a b-line back to the Desert Darling to warn her friends about the One Goddess. To her surprise, a new person is seated with Redd as she heads through the Darling’s doors. The mystery person is a man named Tecare and he is a member of Lord Kostas’ private gaurd. Realizing that this man may have some knowledge the party needs, she carves for him a symbol she saw on a dead soldier’s armor in the jungle. Tecare recognizes the symbol as the mark of the Ash Gaurd, which protect Lord Kostas’s daughter, Lady Ashlin. Sherry and Redd explain to him how they found this soldier’s body, Tecare grows uncomfortable and leaves them.

The next day for Sherry arrives with a warm morning sun. In much need of coin, she takes a large slab of dried meat she also procured from the jungle to the local butcher. Disgusted by her more-than-shabby clothes, the butcher doesn’t make her an offer and encourages her to leave with his tone of voice. To spite him and ditch the meat, she hangs it up outside of his shop as she makes her way back to the old man selling trinkets.

Sherry greeted the man and asked him to appraise her high-quality condition Tiran coins.



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