The party battles strange monsters in the jungle

Mach, Sherry, Redd, and Ocy fight a hideous oily aberration

Two hideous monsters appear from the underbrush, which resemble pale children with mutated features, covered in black goo. One of them clutches the severed forearm of a human soldier.

Tica flees and the others go on the defensive. The creatures are incredibly fast, dodging or reflecting all attacks. Mach urges the others to retreat, but as they start to do so, the two childlings merge together to become a large black goo wolf with four red eyes. Mach and Sherry defend its attacks, causing some goo to land on Mach. Redd suggests using fire or magic, and Ocy commands her fire lizard Locria to breathe fire on it. This proving to be effective, Sherry tells the others to quickly gather kindling for a larger fire. Redd defends them as they do so, gets covered in goo, and gets a few cuts. Mach gets injured and passes out. Ocy has Locria ignite the kindling, and Ocy and Sherry throw pieces of it at the wolf. The party manages to reduce the size of it, causing it to flee.

Redd tends to Mach’s wound and then advances through the jungle with the others. They discover the body of a soldier with a swirled symbol etched into his armor, as well as the remains of a Laren village slaughter. Sherry takes one of the many Bonded keepsakes found in the huts, and Ocy nervously expresses her wish to leave, as she had left her cousin back at the Desert Darling.

Redd carries Mach as the party travels back to the Desert Darling. Mach is put under the care of Content Not Found: natt-uneta and his friends as he recovers, and Ocy runs off to find her cousin.



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