• Ashlin Kostas

    Ashlin Kostas

    A slender, short woman with brown, wavy hair and hazel eyes.
  • Avael Cooper

    Avael Cooper

    A Draelian man in his 30s.
  • Bishop Ystel

    Bishop Ystel

    Bishop Ystel is a pious, serious man who usually wears dark colors.
  • Captain Jostuel

    Captain Jostuel

    A middle-aged Sirasean soldier wearing grey armor. He has a thick brown beard.
  • Cuyuchi


    One of the Jungle folk living near Tabia. Healer and herbalist by training and tradition, he attempts to remain neutral but is frequently pressured by the local tribes to side against the Siraseans
  • General Kostas

    General Kostas

    A Sirasean man with a neatly trimmed brown beard and brown hair.
  • High Priestess Justicia

    High Priestess Justicia

    A severe woman, always seen in full religious vestments. Often accompanied by a vulture (or a priest with one).
  • Judas Gendric

    Judas Gendric

    Heartless rich bastard
  • King Cyne

    King Cyne

    The ruler of Sirasea. A devious, calculating man. Married to Queen Abella.
  • Lim Tine

    Lim Tine

    An older tough and stubborn looking woman
  • Matriarch


    The Matriarch of The Two As One is a serene woman of middle years.
  • Mayor Hirl

    Mayor Hirl

    A sturdy Sirasean man with weathered skin and grey hair.
  • Noren Hylan

    Noren Hylan

    A gruff, gray-haired man with pale skin, dressed in fine robes.
  • Queen Abella

    Queen Abella

    A willowy woman with a devious glint in her brown eyes. Wears elegant, simple clothing.
  • Rurg Rorkhog

    Rurg Rorkhog

    A powerful Laren sorcerer
  • Samson


    A towering, bulky Draelian man with a bald head and a taciturn expression.
  • Sergeant Mach

    Sergeant Mach

    Veteran border guard based in Tabia
  • Tecare


    A rugged, handsome Sirasean man, usually dressed in the gold and white of General Kostas.
  • Tica


    Laren survivor of a massacre
  • Withia


    A black-haired woman in armor. She usually has a large brown bird of prey perched on her shoulder.
  • Yllathyra Chorster

    Yllathyra Chorster

    Slender middle aged woman with dark brown hair