Albondiel Sylro

A muscular Elven Monk with dark hair


Albondiel is an elf that spends more time training in martial arts then anything else.

He stands about 5’8" weighing about 155 lbs. He wears his hair short but messy. He tends to travel light.


Originally hailing from one of the many Elven forest villages in Drael he picked up hand to hand combat and the martial arts from an elder in the village. Spending many days and nights practicing what the master taught he soon learned all he would from the master. Albondiel moved on to another Elven forest village, and another and another. Never feeling fully complete in his studies he eventually moved on to Oss looking for something new to learn.

Living in Oss but hating city life and looking for a reason to move on as soon as he heard about the Whispering Mountains he knew that he wanted to go and investigate. But now to find a way to get there…

Albondiel Sylro

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