Ashlin Kostas

A slender, short woman with brown, wavy hair and hazel eyes.


Daughter of General Kostas, Lady Ashlin is pale for a Sirasean woman. It is rumored that her mother was Draelian, though General Kostas does not speak of her. She and her father are close, and she often travels with him around Sirasea.


Lady Ashlin is an avid scholar and follower of The Two As One, even becoming ordained as a priestess of the order. She pledged her devotion to the Lady Mother upon entering the priesthood. She pursues the study of the Old Tiran Religion, and is especially interested in finding information relating to the lost Names of the Holy Mother and Father.

Lady Ashlin is a fairly well known and respected figure around Sirasea, especially among scholars or those who know her father, General Kostas. She has a reputation for being knowledgeable, gracious, and kind.

The Kostas family is wealthy, with lands outside of Asra, and she pursues her scholarly research all around Sirasea, even making multiple archaeological expeditions into the Tiran Desert herself. She has a retinue of soldiers loyal only to her, known as the Ash Guard who accompany and protect her wherever she goes. Captain Jostuel is the captain of the Ash Guard, and she trusts him completely.


The insignia of the Ash Guard, a spiral of air/smoke

Ashlin Kostas

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