Bishop Ystel

Bishop Ystel is a pious, serious man who usually wears dark colors.


Bishop Ystel is the head of the Church of The Two As One in Tabia. He is formally addressed as “Your Grace” or “Bishop Ystel.” (Respect level of a prince.)

Ystel is a Sirasean man in his thirties, with paler skin than most, from time spent inside praying. He has dark, unruly hair and wears a beard, in the image of the Lord Father. Ystel has always been a thoughtful, intense man. As an acolyte, his tutors said of him that he had a grown man’s soul in a child’s body. When he took the priesthood, he swore devotion to the Lord Father. Wise beyond his years, he is beloved by his congregation in Tabia. Ystel disdains the fine silk robes of office he is entitled to in favor of simple, dark colored clothing.

A religious leader, Ystel is often sought out for advice by Mayor Hirl and other important figures, especially locally. He is a well-respected member of the church, and has spent time all over Sirasea before his rise to Bishop. The King and the Matriarch of the Church together must appoint Bishops to their positions.

Favored and blessed by the Lord Father, Ystel is able to manipulate sand. He can create small sandstone figures and move small quantities of sand. During services given at his church, he demonstrates these abilities as signs of the Lord Father’s greatness, creating Circles of The One and distributing them to his congregation.

Ystel’s handful of loyal priests and their acolytes attend him at the Church of the Two As One. He lives alone in a small, neat house behind the Church.


Bishop Ystel

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