Brynne Alain

A small human woman with dusky skin and golden hair.


Brynne Alain is a young Draelian woman. She keeps her light hair loose, tying it back when she rides. Her piercing golden eyes seem to pin any person on which she fixes her attention. She is decent with a short bow and a good huntress.

She has a red mare named Sticks that she trained herself.

Currently: traveling to Sirasea to sell some of her family’s horse stock. She travels with her father’s trusted man Samson and three hired hands. She has brought her mare Sticks with her. She travels with Heathcliff, hired as a bodyguard at an inn along the way.


Brynne lives in Drael with her family, who runs a stable in Yewll. She adores horses and has grown up raising, training, and breeding them. Her father’s stables are well respected in Drael and Sirasea for their sturdy, graceful Draelian stock.

Running freely through the countryside around her family’s holdings on foot and horseback as a young girl, Brynne has never traveled outside of Drael. She has made a few journeys with her father to the horse fairs at Drael City but has not traveled extensively.

Naturally cheerful, Brynne sees the best in everyone. She is quite intuitive, and her parents continually remark on her natural luckiness and charm. She can sway seemingly anyone to her sympathy, and gets out of situations she probably shouldn’t.

Brynne is a bit naive and oblivious. Her best childhood friend often tells her to give more attention to the here and now.

Brynne Alain

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