Calder Semanci

5'7" White hair w/ orange tint and orange eyes



Calder is best known for his healing abilities, he also has vast knowledge on aquatic species (both fresh and salt water). He is also very adept to potion making ranging from healing to explosive. He stands at about 5’7” in his land form, while his mer-form is about 6’1”. He loves all creatures both land and sea. After gaining his full form at the age of 17 he set out to explore the world above the river he was born to. He has white hair with undertones of orange, a very pale complexion that shimmers under the right lighting.


After gaining my full form I left my underwater home in the Ika River to begin my adventures and become a master healer, potion maker, and water mage. The road will be tough, but with the blessing of my village I made my way into the unknown.

Calder Semanci

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