Captain Jostuel

A middle-aged Sirasean soldier wearing grey armor. He has a thick brown beard.


A common soldier, Jostuel was in the service of General Kostas. When Lady Ashlin Kostas was a child, Jostuel was appointed to her personal bodyguard retinue. He became completely devoted to Ashlin as she grew up, and he formed the Ash Guard as her own personal guard. Members of the Ash Guard are personally selected by Captain Jostuel, and the Ash Guard is known for its loyalty to its mistress.


Captain Jostuel has personally and publicly saved Lady Ashlin’s life the few times it has been in danger. He has accompanied her everywhere since she was a young girl, including numerous expeditions to the dangerous Tiran Desert in search of Old Tiran ruins.

He is viewed in high regard by General Kostas, and is completely trusted by the general with the safety of his daughter. He is a capable and respected leader of the Ash Guard, but is not exceptionally skilled in battle. He is extremely vigilant about the safety and privacy of Lady Ashlin.


The insignia of the Ash Guard, a spiral of air/smoke. Pretend that’s what’s on the circle badge thing on the picture’s chest.

Captain Jostuel

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