Cirin Rone

A young elvish man, quick with a smile and a joke.


Cirin is a fairly young elf with long white-blond hair, pale skin, and light green eyes. He is slender and graceful. He is 5’10" tall. He usually dresses fairly casually. He gets along well with most people, having a wicked sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

Cirin is an elf from a village further south in Drael and now has a greenhouse/plant/herbalist/apothecary shop. He is currently living in Twin Rivers in Drael. He runs the shop and greenhouse with his friend Avael Cooper.

Cirin has some skill in fighting with his carved wooden staff. He can also call upon his goddess to help him when needed. He wears a belt with seed pouches attached and also carries a satchel with water, more seeds, and other various odds and ends when he goes out.

Cirin keeps to himself in his personal life, and is hesitant to demonstrate his powers over plants in front of others, especially elves.


Young, grew up in an elven village in the forest but didn’t like it, left for personal reasons.
Worships plant goddess Liyaantha, she has given him power over plants (plantbending)
Very religious, but fairly secretive about it

Cirin Rone

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