General Kostas

A Sirasean man with a neatly trimmed brown beard and brown hair.


General Nivan Kostas commands the armies of Sirasea. He is highly trusted by King Cyne and is one of his closest advisors. They grew up together as childhood friends. He is known to be fair and reasonable, and his men are devoted to him. He is a well-liked commander. It is said that his word in the king’s ear often urges a route of compassion and mercy.


Nivan Kostas grew up the eldest child in a noble family and inherited the family lands when his father died. The Kostas family estate lies near Asra, south of New Juna. The Kostas family colors are gold and white, and Kostas and his personal retinue wear these colors. The Kostas are an old and powerful family. A steward manages the lands while General Kostas goes around generaling.

He is medium religious.

General Kostas has one daughter: Ashlin Kostas. His wife passed away in childbirth, and he has always doted upon Ashlin. He often allows her to travel with him, and allows her near unlimited access to the family fortune to follow her scholarly pursuits.

General Kostas

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