Young blonde male swordsman, bored of the world.


Currently: travelling to Sirasea with Brynne Alain and Samson. They intend to sell horses to Judas Gendric.

Heathcliff was born into what some would call nobility. Formerly Dalmar Gendric, he could have had everything handed to him if he wanted. His father, Judas Gendric, had spent most of Heathcliff’s life attempting to instill in him that many mattered more than anything. His mother, however, worked to teach him the opposite. Money was not the most important thing. Hard work, earning your keep, that’s what was important.

In the end, it was his mother’s teachings that had stuck with him. He had decided a life of luxury was really not what he wanted anymore. Rather, he wanted to work, and he knew his father would never allow that. At the age of 13, he abandoned his family and his home, changing his name to Heathcliff, as to not be recognized by name to anyone who may have been searching for the runaway. Leaving Amirka, he travelled until he reached New Juna, where he took up swordplay. Years of odd jobs went by, and so, he’s set out to find something new.

During his travels, Heathcliff ran into someone who seemed to be a peddler claiming to be from Vallinde. The peddler claimed to have a special form of Enchantment for sale. If Heathcliff were to trust him, it would cost him every bit of money he had. After consideration, the confrontation if he got swindled would prove to be entertaining, whereas the constant wondering if it had been the real thing would have been a nuisance, and that would be boring. He purchased the Enchantment, and the stranger explained how to use the Enchantment, maintain it so it remains usable, and even duplication, if he were to ever trust someone with that kind of thing. The two parted ways, and Heathcliff went to work studying the Enchantment. He decided to call it Lightshard. Satisfied with his work, he continued his travels.

His personality was once carefree. Maybe too carefree. He’d only sought to be entertained, by almost any means. Nothing illegal, of course. But during his travels with Brynne and Samson, he’s matured. While he still possesses some of his carefree tendencies, he’s taken to a more calm attitude, trying to do what he’s supposed to when needed, rather than seeking to do what he wants to do for a thrill.


Sirasea Hallandren