High Priestess Justicia

A severe woman, always seen in full religious vestments. Often accompanied by a vulture (or a priest with one).


High Priestess of The One Goddess, Justicia is the head of the temple in Tabia. She rules over her priests and acolytes and preaches the Truth of the Goddess. She keeps a vulture at her side at all times as a symbol of her devotion to her Goddess.

Justicia founded the Church of the One Goddess after having the Goddess appear to her in a vision in her youth. Now she spreads the Truth of the Goddess: that magic is evil and wrong and that its use will cast people into a plane of eternal suffering in the afterlife. Only through humility, hard work, and prayer can people earn a place beside the Goddess in the afterlife.

Priestess Withia serves Justicia and follows her faithfully.


Little is known about Justicia’s past, before she founded the Church of the One Goddess. In her own holy words, she has written of the vision that inspired her to piety:

And so the Goddess Herself did appear to my open eyes. A blinding light shone from Her body, and four arms did She have, and they were spread open to me in divine grace. White hair flowed from Her head and a great black vulture sat upon Her shoulder. Spoke the One Goddess in a voice ringing high and clear, “Child, build a Church, and tell all of their sins, for I weep to see the sorceries they have wrought.” And the Goddess wept shining tears.

Justicia went on to have many visions of the Goddess and Her creatures, and has endeavored to write them all down in holy texts. She has many devout followers.

High Priestess Justicia

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