Jording Mastus

Tall very tan well muscled Sirasean Human


Jord is 6’4" weighing ~210 lbs he is clearly of Sirasean descent: medium dark skin tone, jet black hair, dark brown eyes. He has shaggy hair. He clearly works out on a regular basis and carries himself like a soldier. But with his shaggy look he is clearly not a soldier. On the inside of his right wrist he has tattooed ‘LKG’.


Jord comes from a very long line of Jording’s, he goes by Jord because his father doesn’t. He is roughly 22 years of age. Doesn’t like to discuss his family much. He is a hard worker doing odds and ends for anyone looking for a laborer. When he’s not working he’s drinking at Desert Darling or trying to win some gold at any of the fighting pits near Tabia by either competing or betting.

Jording Mastus

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