King Cyne

The ruler of Sirasea. A devious, calculating man. Married to Queen Abella.


King Cyne Aren is the ruler of Sirasea and married to Queen Abella. He is of medium height and build. His hair falls to his shoulders, and his dark eyes show a sharp intelligence.


A young king, there are rumors that he gained the throne through nefarious means. His older brother Arric was to have inherited the throne. Always rather sickly as a child, Arric fell ill only weeks after the former king passed away. Arric followed his father into death, and Cyne took the throne just a few months after his father and brothers’ deaths.

The sigil of the royal house is a sand dragon, the messengers of The Two As One.

Cyne’s marriage to Abella was one of diplomacy. They have two children, the crown prince and heir, Endred, in his early teens, and a one-year-old daughter, Sirelle.

King Cyne

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