Kit Dragya

Red-headed swordswoman from Respite.


Kit was born and raises in Respite by her mother. Her father was nowhere to be seen in the picture, and her mother refused to tell her anything about him. She is only 22 years old, standing at 5’9.

Staying at home until the age of 20, life was rather dull, same old people, same old home, same old life. With her mother’s blessing, she wanted to set out for something new. During her travels, she had been assaulted on the road by a gang of thugs. Stripping her of her money and her belongings, she felt lucky to make it out with minor injuries. She arrived in New Juna, and sought out means of learning to defend herself, so an incident like the one she faced on the road was less likely to happen; but if it did, she would hopefully be better prepared. She took up an apprenticeship from a sword master. After trial and error with many weapons, she found her weapon of choice to be a greatsword. For the next two years, she trained with the sword master and worked as an assistant for a local blacksmith. Having earned what she deemed a sufficient amount of money, she purchased a set of armour and a greatsword of her own, setting off for something new.

Her personality can be described as friendly. She tries not to stand out too much. People have been known to get her to talk frequently, describing her voice as “pleasant to listen to.” Ultimately, she’s just looking for a new adventure. And to make some friends along the way.

Kit Dragya

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