Noren Hylan

A gruff, gray-haired man with pale skin, dressed in fine robes.


Noren Hylan is Verity’s employer, a very wealthy merchant. Originally from northern Drael, he now lives in Sirasea, on the outskirts of Tabia on his large estate with his daughter Astani, who is sick with Nightmare Sickness. He is known to be harsh but fair in his dealings with others. Verity Sunscale is his right-hand man, captain of his guard, and sent on personal/trusted errands with regularity.

The Hylans are an influential family in Tabia. They send trade caravans to other lands to bring back exotic goods to be sold both in Tabia and across Sirasea. Hylan trades in goods procured from the Laren Jungle and traded with the Laren Tribes, and doesn’t ask too many questions about how they were obtained.

Hylan is EXTREMELY interested in procuring magical goods from the jungle, Vallinde if possible, or scavenged from Old Tiran desert ruins.


Hylan is devoted to his daughter Astani, who has become ill with Nightmare Sickness. His beloved wife died in childbirth, and left him alone to raise Astani, whom he has named his heir. He prays to The Lady Mother for her health endlessly, and treats her to the best care possible. He often sends his trusted man Verity on clandestine missions to the jungle healer Cuyuchi to obtain special medicines to treat her.

Noren Hylan

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