Ocy Napier

A Tabian musician with a Sirasean mother and Laren father.


She has dark skin, slightly lighter than that of the Laren people.


Ocy Napier (pronounced OH-see) was born in Tabia to a lower class Sirasean woman. She knows very little about her father, a jungle tribesman, and her mother seldom speaks of him. Her mother is bedridden with an incurable disease called Nightmare Sickness, leaving Ocy responsible for her three younger sisters. When she isn’t caring for them, she is performing in taverns in Tabia with her cousin in a musical duo dubbed Troubled Dreams. Her skills with her twelve-stringed miniature harp are unmatched. She also frequents the church and studies texts concerning magic and Old Tira. She dreams of journeying to Vallinde and to explore ancient ruins in the deep desert, to enchant her harp to be used in combat (but she is able to defend herself with a dagger and throwing knives). She has a blue fire lizard named Locria, which her mother claims came from her father (in egg form). Locria is rambunctious and energetic, like a wild cat that does whatever the fuck it wants, and constantly causes trouble for Ocy.

Ocy tries to be kind to all she meets, and will always back up her friends. She loves music and is often humming or whistling a tune. She is not known for being especially brave.

Ocy Napier

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