Queen Abella

A willowy woman with a devious glint in her brown eyes. Wears elegant, simple clothing.


Queen Abella Estrena is a native Sirasean. She married King Cyne many years ago for diplomatic reasons. The daughter of the Margrave of Old Sira, Abella’s family is old, powerful, and influential. Marrying Abella lent Cyne the loyalty of her family’s troops.

Abella and Cyne have a son and heir, Endred, and an infant daughter, Sirelle. Abella keeps the princess by her side at all times.

Abella is a faithful adherent to The Two As One and prays fervently to The Lady Mother daily. She is seen as a religious leader and is well liked by the people.


Abella grew up wealthy on the Estrena estate in Old Sira, on the border with Drael. She wished to go into the church and be ordained as a priestess, but her mother, the Margrave of Old Sira, would not allow it, instead forcing her into a diplomatic marriage.

Abella is a withdrawn queen, spending most of her time in quiet reflection of The Lady Mother, or caring for her young daughter.

Queen Abella

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