Liar. Scoundrel. Thief.


Redd was born into the thieves guild. His father, Marco, founded the guild in his early twenties. Leadership was passed on to Redd when he was of age. After many escapades, he was wealthy enough to open an inn in a city of his choosing. He chose Pirdur. And he named the inn Raven’s Grin. After years of operation, the inn worked well as a front. He had a small base in almost every major city of Sirasea. Using them to his advantage, he hired many tunnelers to dig tunnels between Raven’s Grin and each base. He then paid for engineers to install a cart system for quick travel. Nearly losing his inn to rebels, Redd was indebted to Heathcliff for saving his inn, and possibly the city.

Redd is an easy-going man. Laid back when not doing any jobs. He’s a bit of a jokester. He’s confident, quick-thinking, and for a large man, very nimble and very stealthy.


Sirasea Hallandren