A young Laren man with a griff upon his shoulder. The tips of his ears are pointed.


Remy is a young Laren man about 20 years old who often wears a determined expression. He has dark brown skin, short dark brown hair, and yellow eyes. He usually, but not always, wears a single green earring with a large crystal hanging from it. The crystal is topped with the feathers of a vivid green jungle bird.

He usually carries a short spear and has a blow dart gun strapped over his shoulder. He is always accompanied by his small Bonded griff, named Tip.
Remy was raised in the Laren Jungle. His mother, a Laren tribeswoman, had an affair with an elven traveler. The traveler moved on, leaving his mother to raise him in her family home in the jungle as a Laren boy.


Remy had a typical Laren upbringing, living on the land and learning the ways of his people. He grew up in a large family, and they moved often as the jungle changed throughout each year. As a half-elf, half-Laren man, Remy started to feel out of place, and get the urge to explore, to seek out his father, or at least the elven half of his heritage.


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