A towering, bulky Draelian man with a bald head and a taciturn expression.


Samson works for Brynne Alain‘s father in the Draelian town of Yewll. He is a capable guardsman and has been a trusted friend of Brynne’s father for many years.

Generally taciturn, he is duty-bound to protect Brynne, but has genuine affection for her. He is fairly religious for a Draelian. Believes in common spirits.

Samson rides a chestnut gelding named Wildfire.

Currently: Traveling with Brynne to Amirka in Sirasea to meet with a horse buyer


Samson was born in Twin Rivers in Drael. His mother was a Draelian whore, and he never knew his father, but assumes that he was Sirasean, because of his brown hair. Samson grew up poor in the city, but his mother loved him and did the best she could. He worked odd jobs through his teens, then hired on as a traveling guard and mercenary. As he gained experience, he traveled throughout Drael and Sirasea, wherever he could find work for a capable sword hand.

About fifteen years ago, he was in Drael City and met Brynne’s father, a young man just buying good horseflesh to start a breeding ranch in Yewll. Alain hired Samson, and he has worked as his trust right-hand man, guard, and friend ever since.


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