Sherry Digitalis

An undead demon-tainted elf who escaped hell, Sherry is a bitter, scared, and malevolent spirit.


Sherry is an undead elf woman who bonded with a demoness to escape the underworld. She wears heavily worn remnants of chainmail, a crumpled chest plate, and a fire damaged cloak that covers her tiny horns. Her eyes and skin are severely reddened from heat exposure and she suffers from a “demon sickness” that causes her to cough up bits of hot coal, smoke, and occasionally a lava like substance. As another side affect of her sickness, Sherry can’t properly eat anything. The most she can do is taste, much like chewing gum. She carries with her a rusted, dull, and chipped sickle which has a handle made from dragon bone and scales. Her hair is long, black, and toasted from centuries of dirt and soot surrounding her. She stands relatively tall at 5’7" and is about average sized.


Before Sherry’s old life ended, she lived in a vast sand city in ancient Tira. There crafted fine jewelry and decorated weapons with ornate carvings. She was also a very private person, so most of her work was rarely ever seen.

She used to be carefree and notoriously laid back, but now she’s scared, untrusting, and surprisingly lonely.

Back home she had friends, where are they now?

Sherry Digitalis

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