A rugged, handsome Sirasean man, usually dressed in the gold and white of General Kostas.


Tecare (Teh-CAR-eh) is General Kostas’ personal serving-man. He is a skilled archer. He is often in the personal company of the general, and serves as an informal bodyguard as well as personal servant. The general sends him on errands and uses him as a messenger, etc.


Easy-going and likeable, Tecare has traveled all over Sirasea with the General and his retinue, and knows the everyday doings of the army. He may also know a bit more than most, due to his “in” with General Kostas himself…

Tecare likes to boast of his travels to anyone who will listen. He exaggerates often, for dramatic effect. He is not quick to anger, keeps a calm and rational head, and is more likely to retreat from a fight or shoot arrows from afar than to enter into a confrontation.


Sirasea leiapico