Verity Sunscale

Tall, stern Dragonborn man with rust colored scales and golden eyes. A lean wolfhound walks at his side.


Verity is a tall Dragonborn male with shimmering coppery-red scales and piercing reptilian eyes. Large black horns stand out from his head, and he has many long, flexible spines coming from his neck. He has relatively high skill in the short sword, with or without a shield. He is wiry and tough from training daily, and has some scars from swordfighting. His huge grey wolfhound, Shadow, accompanies him everywhere.

A bit surly, Verity takes a while to warm up to new people. He is steady and capable, and rarely gets flustered.

Currently in Tabia serving as the captain of the household guard for a wealthy merchant, Noren Hylan. Runs trusted errands for him on occasion. Has no particular loyalties to employer, though he likes and respects the merchant and could probably call upon him for help if needed. Has a trusted second in command he has been training, so would leave on good terms with both new guard captain and employer.


Verity’s wolfhound, Shadow


Raised in a Dragonborn Clanhold, so speaks both Draconic and Common. Found Dragonborn culture too restrictive, set off to see other parts of the world when he reached adulthood. Remains on good terms with his home clanhold.

Raised by father – Acuity Sunscale, who is now off raising another son, living in the Sunscale Clanhold. His father is a weapons master at the Hold. They had a very close bond and it was his father who taught him to use the short sword and trained him to a relatively high skill level. His father also instilled deep morals of trustworthiness, honesty, honor, etc. His father gave him his dog, a giant wolfhound called Shadow. Treats Shadow as a respected friend.

His short sword is a gift from his clan elders for a notable event in his youth in which he killed a large gross monster that had attacked a child. It is engraved with lightning crackling around the Sunscale Clan symbol and some Draconic script.

Verity Sunscale

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