Zander Cortina

Once a skilled assassin, Zander has gotten tired of his old trade and is traveling just to see the sights.


Zander is a lightly toned and slim tan-skinned human. His eyes are green and he wears thin dark lines around them to make them look brighter.
He wears comfortable clothes dyed in half empty wine barrels, giving them a very very dark red color.
A well-used dagger and short sword, for stubborn foes, are all he carries to defend himself.


Zander Cortina has been an assassin for ten years. If you asked him he would tell you, “That was far too long.”. Now he has committed himself to roam this land and take in all that he has missed the drawn out years. He has surrounded himself with so much death, it’s time for him to plant flowers and breath in the fresh air.

Zander Cortina

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