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  • Sirasea

    *Overview* The desert kingdom of Sirasea has been at war for the past several years with the savage jungle tribes who live along their northern border, in the [[Laren Jungle | Laren Jungle]]. It is a relatively small kingdom of desert, scrublands, and …

  • Drael

    Drael borders [[Sirasea | Sirasea]] to the west, and is a major trading partner. Capital city [[Drael City]] lies where the Sparrow River reaches the sea from the great Sparrow Lake further inland. It is a booming port city. Native Draelians are a …

  • Vallinde

    *Notice!* There will soon be a planned adventure to Vallinde, so make some characters if you're interested! The legendary country of Vallinde exists to the north of the [[Whispering Mountains]]. There are few records about this country, most of which …

  • Cultures

    *Cultures of the world:* _Also see: [[Races]]_ * [[Dragonborn]] * [[Elves]] * [[Laren Tribes]] * [[Sirasea | Siraseans]] * [[Drael | Draelians]] * [[Dwarves| Dwarves]] * [[Old Tira | Old Tira]]