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  • Drael

    Drael borders [[Sirasea | Sirasea]] to the west, and is a major trading partner. Capital city [[Drael City]] lies where the Sparrow River reaches the sea from the great Sparrow Lake further inland. It is a booming port city. Native Draelians are a …

  • Drael City

    Capital city of [[Drael | Drael]]. Huge trading hub. Large port. Sits on the coast, beside the Umbrian Sea and the Sparrow River.

  • Lands of the World

    * [[Sirasea | Sirasea]] ** [[Sirasean Cities | Sirasean Cities]] ** [[Dragonborn Clanholds]] * [[Drael | Drael]] * [[Vallinde | Vallinde]] * [[Laren Jungle | Laren Jungle]] * [[Umbrian Islands]]

  • Draelian Spirits

    The predominating [[Religions |religion]] in [[Drael]] practiced by humans. [[Elves]] have their own gods. * Small spirits are worshiped in [[Drael]], of common, small things, like personality attributes * No centralized religious heirarchy or religious …