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  • Elves

    Elves - One of the many [[Races | Races]] in the land. Many live in [[Drael]] among humans. * elves have their own villages in the forests of drael, but they are common among draelians, and most can speak common * they live about twice as long as …

  • Siraanya

    _*Siraanya* - [[Elves|Elven]] goddess of forest animals/hunting_

    *Symbol* - Arrow, stag, raven Grants favored followers the animal-related abilities (ability to speak to animals, turn into animals, etc.) or hunting/tracking abilities [[ …

  • Ysara

    _*Ysara* - [[Elves|Elven]] goddess of the sea_

    *Symbol* - Sea serpent, mermaid Grants favored followers water related ablities or sea-related abilities [[File:623778 | class=media-item-align-center | elvish_sea_goddess.jpg]]
    _A …