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  • Lands of the World

    * [[Sirasea | Sirasea]] ** [[Sirasean Cities | Sirasean Cities]] ** [[Dragonborn Clanholds]] * [[Drael | Drael]] * [[Vallinde | Vallinde]] * [[Laren Jungle | Laren Jungle]] * [[Umbrian Islands]]

  • Tree Rabbit

    _*Tree Rabbit* - One of the [[Bestiary | creatures]] that lives in the [[Laren Jungle]]_

    Tree rabbits are a small jungle animal commonly Bonded by some of the [[Laren Tribes]] family groups. They eat nuts, berries, and plants, and live for …

  • Black Goo Childling

    [[File:624848 | class=media-item-align-center | playmates.jpg]] Two of these hideous childlike monsters [[The party battles strange monsters in the jungle | were seen]] in the [[Laren Jungle | Laren Jungle]] near [[Tabia | Tabia]], feeding on a human …

  • Tica

    Tica comes from a large family that lived near the border close to [[Tabia | Tabia]]. Over the last few years he had gotten friendly with the local Sirasean guard squad. Like most of the rest of his family, Tica's animal companion is an [[Tree Rabbit | …