Amirka – A large trading center in the center of Sirasea

A city at the center of Sirasea, Amirka lies at a major crossroads, at the medium-sized Amirkan Oasis. Travelers are a common sight on its streets, and trade is lively. It is said that you can buy or sell anything in the marketplaces of Amirka.


Amirka is ruled over by Bishop Heira of The Two As One, appointed by King Cyne and the Matriarch. There is also an extensive scholarly library collection at the city’s main church, curated by Scholar Pedresso.


Several noble and wealthy families have holdings in or near the Amirkan Oasis. There is a tiny, exclusive waterfront district with views and properties along the small lake. It is called “Sirens Lake” but whether anything actually lives in the lake is unclear. The wealthiest merchants and nobility own property in this area.

Amirka shares its oasis with the Sunscale Clanhold. The Dragonborn clanhold was there before the human city, so they say, and the two peoples live in general tolerance and mostly mind their own business. The clanhold is not open to outsiders.

Due to the large number of travelers in the area and the close proximity of the Sirasean city, members of the Sunscale clanhold tend to interact more readily with other races and make their way more easily in human culture than Dragonborn from other clanholds, but are still fairly private.



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