Drael borders Sirasea to the west, and is a major trading partner. Capital city Drael City lies where the Sparrow River reaches the sea from the great Sparrow Lake further inland. It is a booming port city.

Native Draelians are a petite people, with gold-tinted skin, snub noses, and wide, oval eyes. People from some areas of Drael have fairly pale skin. Their hair is usually light brown ranging to golden or even white. Eyes can be any color.

A Draelian half-elf woman

Many Elves live in Drael in their own villages in Drael’s forest lands. Lots of elves live among humans, in human towns and stuff. Mixed race elf/Draelian people are common. Elves have magic, but do not share it with humans. Mixed blood elves do not worship or gain magic from elven gods.

The dominant religion is worship of Draelian spirits – Mostly spirits of “attributes,” (cleanliness spirit, happiness spirit, anger spirit, rot spirit, etc) small offerings, no centralized religion. Most people are not very religious.

Magic is relatively uncommon in Drael, and always has been. Most Draelians have only seen small magic performed by particularly religious people or those favored by “the spirits.” Wealthy people may have some small charms or enchanted items, but they are too expensive for normal folk.

Coin across Drael and Sirasea is a standard weight, so they’re worth the same amount. Draelian coins are stamped with a ship on one side and a Draelian horse on the other.

Draelian horses are known for their grace, sure-footedness, and endurance. They are prized for long-distance travel, especially through difficult terrain.


  • Democracy/elected council
  • Similar level of tech & magic to Sirasea (have lost touch with or forgotten magic)
  • Small military, mostly navy


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