Dragonborn- One of the many races in the land

This scaled, reptilian race possesses draconian features, giving them their common name of “Dragonborn,” though they do not have wings. Members of the reclusive Red Sword Clanhold on the edge of the desert are said to have tails, but it is rare to see one. Most individuals stand over six feet tall, with some large males towering over seven feet. Scales can be any color. Most Dragonborn have ruffs, spines, horns, or bony protrusions atop their head/neck area. They are powerful natural predators with their thick scaled hide, pointed draconic teeth, and sharp taloned fingers.


Most Dragonborn have a magical affinity to either cold/ice, fire, lightning, or poisonous gas. They can emit their magical element from their mouths with varying levels of intensity, and some can summon the element to their hands at will, depending on the strength of the individual. For example, a powerful Dragonborn with a fire affinity can blast enemies with a large burst of flame, and call a fireball to hand, but it is more typical now for Dragonborn to be much weaker (ex. only able to call a small flame to hand and breathe a small gout of fire). Magical affinity is strongly genetically-tied. Stories passed down from Clanhold Elders tell of Dragonborn in ancient days with affinities to other magical elements. In recent generations, the strength of magical affinities of Dragonborn have been steadily weakening, with more and more children being born with no affinity at all.

Dragonborn and Humans

Dragonborn are native to Sirasea and surrounding lands. There are a few Dragonborn Clanholds scattered around Sirasea, but they are generally known to be private folk. Where clanholds come up against Sirasean settlements, not much mixing happens between the two. Dragonborn generally have little to do with Sirasean government or politics, and consider themselves generally independent from the kingdom.

Dragonborn Clanholds/Culture

Most Dragonborn live in clanholds with their own kind, but it is not unheard of to see individuals making their way in the world. They are common enough in Sirasea that they are generally accepted, especially in cities near Dragonborn Clanholds, though many are wary or afraid of their large stature and reptilian features. They bear resemblance to the Sand Dragons of the mythology of The Two As One, so many Siraseans make the Circle at their breast when they pass and general hold them in awe.

A matriarchal society, female Dragonborn are generally dominant over males. Most Dragonborn clanholds are led by a Dragonborn woman elected by the other adults of the Hold. Marriage is unusual, but mating pairs may live together. Males are expected to be faithful to a female, but a female may choose mates as she likes. Dragonborn children are usually raised by their fathers. Paternity is unquestioned because the father and child share an immediate and close bond upon the child’s birth. Dragonborn men are the homemakers and caretakers of the young, as well. Dragonborn live about three times as long as humans and age accordingly (so age 100 would be like age 30 for them).

All members of a Dragonborn clanhold share a surname (example: Verity Sunscale is from Sunscale Clanhold). Clanless Dragonborn have no surname.

- Sunscale Clanhold
- Stormsinger Clanhold
- Steelheart Clanhold
- Red Sword Clanhold

Dragonborn History

The detailed history of how the Dragonborn race came about has been lost to time, but it is widely accepted that ancient dragons created the race as servants. Many old scrolls and documents show Dragonborn tending to dragons as slaves. Within clanholds, Dragonborn speak Draconic, with some local dialect variation among clanholds. Most Dragonborn that travel outside the clanhold speak Common, though there are some Dragonborn that never learn Common at all, and only socialize with their own kind.

There are several clanholds remaining in Sirasea, though in the past there were many more. Native to the desert, it is said that the Dragonborn have lived there for eons, and were there alongside the ancient Tiran civilization as it rose and fell.


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