Dwarves – One of the many Races in the land.
Most Dwarves of the known world live under the Whispering Mountains.

  • Dwarves for the most part stick to dwarven cities only venturing to large cities and towns to trade with the other races…and occasionally Elves (only if gold and jewels are involved).
  • Only recently more and more Dwarves have been coming out of the caves of the mountains to live topside and no one knows why and not many Dwarves want to tell
  • They live much longer than Humans but a bit shorter than Elves .
  • Dwarves do not get along with Elves , the Dwarven people think that Elves are pompous assholes.
  • There are 4 ways to bug a dwarf steal his ale, steal his gold, touch his beard or be an elf.
  • Although not a super religious race they do have their own gods many of which don’t have names those that do have names many of those have been forgotten
  • During their venture underground thousands and thousands of years ago and digging out their massive cities they found many precious metals and have been known to forge some of the best armors and weapons of the land.
  • Although some of the other races trade with Dwarves for their weapons and armors a very rare few are allowed to venture into Dwarven cities unaccompanied.
  • Although it would seem that most of the dealings with Dwarves are with males it is a common misconception most of the Dwarves that are seen are female but with beards
  • History says that it used to be that Dwarves and Elves were friends and allies but that was before the Dwarves moved underground.
  • It has long been forgotten why the Dwarves moved underground but many believe that it was also the cause the Dwarves dislike of Elves .

Known Dwarven Gods:
- Khord – God of the Forge
- Unknown – Goddess of Fire

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Authors note: Dwarves are still under development. Feel free to make up your own Dwarven facts and run them by me or Dwarven gods, please add them to the Wiki


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