Elves – One of the many Races in the land.
Many live in Drael among humans.

  • elves have their own villages in the forests of drael, but they are common among draelians, and most can speak common
  • they live about twice as long as humans
  • elves and humans mingle a lot and there are lots of mixed blood people in drael too
  • there’s no particular prejudice by humans toward elves or half elves
  • elves will mingle freely with humans and get along with them fine but don’t like to share magic with humans or half elves and don’t like/alienate elves who do share it – “elvish gods give their gifts to the elves, humans should get magic from their own gods” etc
  • elves pray to their own gods and know them by name and how to pray to them, but their gods are super selective with their favor so magic is still relatively uncommon
  • it is more common for elves to be able to make magically enchanted artifacts with god given powers but they are pretty jealous about giving them away to non elves
  • maybe magical artifacts are considered holy by the elves and powerful ones are kept secret in elven villages in the forests (ELVES ONLY, FOOLS)
  • most elves have a patron god that they pray to and if the god likes em it might give em powers so if you make an elf you should choose a god for em
  • have strong magical affinity to world magic and there are many elven mages, though they can’t practice in Drael or Sirasea unless they bring a power source because there is no naturally occuring magic there
  • Elves have magic, but do not share it with humans. Mixed blood/half elves do not worship or gain magic from elven gods.
  • ruled by kings of tribes/local societies. have their own elven royalty and nobility.
  • The Elves have a poor history with the Dwarves thousands and thousands of years ago something happened between the two races but Dwarves have forgotten and Elves have secrets involved in that history.
  • Although disagreeing on many things Elves still reluctantly trade with the Dwarves when both parties are willing, seeing as Dwarves have some of the best weapons and armor.

Known Elven Gods:
- Liyaantha – Goddess of plants
-Siraanya – Goddess of Animals/Hunt
-Ysara – Goddess of the Sea

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Authors note: Elves are still under development. Feel free to make up your own Elven gods but please add them to the Wiki


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