Laren Jungle

North of Sirasea.

Home to the Laren Tribes. Thick jungle, easy to get lost in. Mysterious and kind of scary to Siraseans, not just because of the hostile jungle people.

Mountainous and lush country, there are many rivers and lakes dotting its expanse. The largest is Glowing Gloom, a gigantic active volcano visible from miles away. Running from Glowing Gloom is an enormous river called the Soma, which is often black with the volcano’s ash, especially closer to the source. Water of the Soma is said to be cursed and full of strange horrors.

The jungle contains a huge amount of ambient magic, from which its natives can draw if they have the skills. Many mysterious and magical creatures live in the jungle’s depths and mountains. Some of them are very dangerous. Griffins live atop some of the mountains. Harpies also call the jungle home.

The jungle is bordered to the north by the Whispering Mountains.

Expert: Jayseman

Laren Jungle

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