Nightmare Sickness

Nightmare Sickness is believed to originate from the Laren Jungle, as it only affects Siraseans who spend time in norther border cities or towns, especially Tabia. Starting with a few isolated cases, Nightmare sickness is spreading rapidly, and is the subject of much speculation and growing alarm.

Sufferers of Nightmare Sickness begin to have vivid nightmares, and to sleep for longer and longer periods of time. During their waking time, they become listless, weak, and lethargic, and have little appetite. Eventually they sleep more and more, and the nightmares become worse and worse. Wasting away, one day they do not wake.

Some special medicines made from plants found in the jungle can help with the symptoms of the sickness, but not cure it. They are difficult to obtain.

Notable Sufferers: Noren Hylan‘s daughter Astani, Ocy Napier’s mother, Jord’s family member Lim

Expert: leiapico & nink/steeltrain23

Nightmare Sickness

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