Pirdur – Medium-large city in west of Sirasea.

A day’s slow ride from the border with Drael.

Silk production is the primary export here for trade, and large factories and moth/caterpillar farms dominate part of the town. Desert flowers grown in other areas are imported to the city, and dye is produced in Pirdur as well.

There is a renowned blacksmith and armorsmith shop, where the prices are quite affordable, if you’re “fortunate.” The city is clean, well kept and the guards keep the city well in order. Despite the size of the city, there are only 3 inns.

The city of Pirdur is ruled over by the Bishop Yadriel, appointed by the Matriarch of The Two As One and King Cyne.

-The Raven’s Grin is an inn owned(?) by Redd
-“Rebels” attacked the city recently?


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