The One Goddess

Followers of the One Goddess
-Relatively new religion in Sirasea
-Temple of the Goddess in Tabia
-Founded by High Priestess Justicia
-Strongly anti-magic

The One Goddess – Portrayed as a beautiful young woman with four arms, yellow skin, and flowing white hair, usually wearing yellow robes in traditional Sirasean desert style. Often surrounded by or carried by birds of prey in religious imagery.
-Communicates with followers in dreams/visions, often appearing as a vulture
-Priests often keep a trained bird of prey as a venerated “image” of the goddess, especially vultures
-All acolytes and Followers wear an amulet with the symbol of the Goddess, the Eye above the Goblet, with holy words in foreign script inscribed on the back
-Common folk that worship the One Goddess leave offerings of entrails or dead animals outside to be eaten by vultures
-Carries the dead “up to the sky” to live with her in a plane of light and happiness
-Damns magic users to a plane of ETERNAL TORMENT

Followers pray for “The Goddess’s Mercy” and “Divine Mercy,” believing that mortals are inherently evil and can only earn a place in the sky beside the Goddess through prayer, service, and repentance.
-“Eye of the All Seeing Goddess,” and “Goblet of Her Merciful Tears,” usually together, sometimes alone, sometimes eye is crying
-Goblet with an eye above on a yellow standard, yellow or white robes worn by followers
-Birds of prey are said to be the Goddess’s creatures, especially vultures, who carry the remains of the dead up to the sky

Values – Earn a place in the sky plane of happiness and peace
-Hard work
-Devotion to the Goddess

Sins against the Goddess – Condemned to plane of eternal torment

Followers tend to be fanatical
Rumors of violence by Followers toward magic users

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The One Goddess

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