Undine – One of the many Races of the land

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The undine people are often mistaken for merfolk, though unlike their co-aquatic friends they are not restricted to the water. They have limited hydrokinesis, as well as an adept ability to learn most water spells and incantations. As far as their societies go there is a lot of ‘harsh waters’ (see what I did there) between fresh water and salt water undine. Most Undine Folk tend not to praise a specific deity, but the water itself. Most tend to keep to their respective waters rather then exploring the land for anything more than resources.

The Undine are most commonly known for their varied attributes, when they are young the undine have a very similar tale, but once they reach young adulthood, they metamorphosize into the form of the aquatic creature that they most identify with. Most people aren’t sure how or when this takes place, but it is speculated that there is a beautiful ceremony where they invoke the spirit of the seas/ocean/like/ect. From which point their thoughts, feelings, and emotions are assessed so that their form can be determined.

Undine are best known for their ability to change into a humanoid form (e.i. losing their tail, fins, ect) though some Undine won’t lose all of their aquatic features when on land, so you may see someone walking around with gills or various fins.

The Undine race is not able to be out of the water for extended periods of time, after 24 hours they will suffer from weakness, fatigue, and minor loss of their powers. After 3 days without being fully submerged in any form of water they will die (this is varied based on the humidity and weather of their location).

An Undine must also submerge themselves in a natural body of water at least once a month or xey with suffer from psychological stress and trauma.

The undine raise their children under the philosophy “It takes a village to raise a child”

Long ago the Undine race was very reclusive, and people would mistake them for deities based on when a surface race would see them working their Magics or shifting forms. It is currently unknown why they hid themselves for as long as they did, but now more and more Undine are making their appearances on the surface and are working on trade with their respective nearby towns and villages.

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