Notice! There will soon be a planned adventure to Vallinde, so make some characters if you’re interested!

The legendary country of Vallinde exists to the north of the Whispering Mountains. There are few records about this country, most of which are not consistent with others. Its natives are never spoken of and their race and appearance is unknown, but wild rumors and speculation have described them many different ways. Few things are known, but legends tell of an ancient barrier preventing passage into it. Nobody leaves and nobody enters, and that is how it has been for centuries.

Disputed records and rumors about Vallinde for PCs and NPCs to reference (feel free to add something! Anything about crazy magical beings and the reason for the barrier’s existence is welcome):

  • They say a society of greedy giants rules Vallinde, and they put the barrier there to protect their treasures
  • They say a society of frightening and hostile gods rules Vallinde, but they are trapped by the barrier which was placed there by The Two as One, to protect followers.
  • They say a society of powerful mages rules Vallinde, and that it is only a matter of time before they drop the barrier to attack the south
  • They say a deadly virus is housed in Vallinde and that the barrier is to prevent its spread
  • They say there exists a “city of knowledge” in Vallinde, where scholars dream of visiting


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