Pollia condensata

Pollia condensata – Commonly known as Pollia or “rainbow berries;” one of the species of plants native to the Laren Jungle

Pollia condensata is a tropical metre-tall herb that sprouts its shiny berry-like fruits in clusters up to 40-strong. These little orbs are iridescent – they use special layers of cells, arranged just so, to reflect colours with extraordinary intensity.


Pollia is fairly rare. The berries are highly prized for their delicious flavor. They are said to have magical properties, causing those who ingest the berries to have amazing dreams for a night after eating only a single berry, though many claim that to be an old wives’ tale. Even so, Pollia berries, nicknamed “rainbow berries” are extremely flavorful, bursting with a sweet tartness that is said to be incomparable.

Author’s note: Pollia berries are a real thing… though the second paragraph is fictional!

Pollia condensata

Sirasea leiapico