Spaded Lindwyrm

Also known as: shovelwyrms, sand snakes
Primarily found in: Sirasea, in the sands and rocky areas between cities, and near trails at night.

Visual Description

About the size of a medium dog, these desert-dwelling creatures have long, scaled bodies, like a snake’s, with pointy spines along the middle of the back. They have flat, brown, shovel-shaped heads that split along its edge into wide, toothless mouths. Two long antenna-like feelers extend from the base of the head to help with navigation, as they do not have eyes and are completely blind.


Normally quite passive, spaded lindwyrms are known for digging tunnels near trails and campsites, scavenging for food (which they are known to steal while travelers sleep). They travel in groups of about four to seven family members, using basic distract/swarm tactics, but will readily flee at counter measures. Travelers should however be wary of the small stingers at the points of their tails, which cause numbness and loss of consciousness. Only a panicked lindwyrm will use its stinger, going berserk to try to sting as many adversaries as possible. Doing so will cause it to die, effectively sacrificing itself to benefit the rest of the swarm. In some cases where large prey (like a human) is incapacitated, larger lindwyrms will try to ingest them, usually only eating one person at a time.

Spaded Lindwyrm

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